Brake Safety Awareness Week promoted by the Automotive and Maintenance Repair Association (AMRA) will soon be here, later this month. Summer can be an extra busy time for your brakes, subjecting them to extreme temperatures, friction pressure and wear and tear. It’s important to inspect your brakes regularly and look for these signs of trouble:

  • Muddy brown colored brake fluid means it is old and has absorbed water. It needs to be changed, especially if the brake light is on.
  • If you hear a high-pitch squealing or scraping noise when braking, have your brakes inspected as soon as possible.
  • If you hear a grinding metal sound when applying the brakes, you could be damaging the rotors and drums and definitely need to have your brakes checked immediately!
  • A brake pedal that feels soft or mushy when pumping the brake may indicate that there is a problem with the brake hydraulics. A pedal that sinks all the way to the floor may indicate a brake master cylinder problem. Either one is an IMMEDIATE inspection issue!
  • If your car pulls to the side or if the brakes pulse when braking, you could have warped brake rotors and/or drums or problems with the hydraulic system.

If you have any concerns about your brakes, remember that we are here for you, give us a call or schedule an online appointment for a brake check! For more information on Brake