Now that summer has fully arrived, you are probably planning to head out on that well-deserved summer road-trip. When you do, you certainly want your vehicle to be as ready as you are! Be sure to schedule an auto repair service. A little time spent at your auto repair shop can prevent a roadside emergency, sabotaging your arrival at your vacation destination.

Here are four simple auto repair services that will help you save time, frustration and emergency repair costs while on the road. 

  1. Follow through with regular scheduled maintenance –
    Check, change and/or top off your oil, brake and transmission fluids as needed and if required, be sure to purchase high-quality filters. Take a look at the cars brakes, too. Are the rotors warped or cracked, are there deep grooves, or are the pads worn too close to their minimum clearance? Don’t forget to check the exterior lights (headlights, brakes, back-up lights, blinkers) and make sure they are all working properly. Lastly, check your wiper blades and replace them as necessary. The spring rains takes its toll on all of these components.
  2. Give attention to your car’s interior –
    Take time to clean the interior of your car before you head off to the lake or mountains. All-weather floor mats will protect your carpets and are easy to clean or replace. Make sure your windows are clean so there is nothing obstructing your view. Remove all unnecessary items from the trunk and backseat to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, as well as make room for all your vacation necessities! Don’t leave out a good spare tire!
  3. Inspect your tires –
    Check the air pressure in your tires, and have them rotated and inspected for abnormal wear, so you don’t have an unexpected flat.
  4. Inspect the Cooling System;
    Have the radiator pressure tested and the hoses examined for cracks or bulges. This is especially important when driving in humid and high temperature climates and locations.